Aepic Global | About Us
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About Us

Aepic Global is a division of Aepic Capital Group, a privately held investment firm headquartered in Cerritos, Ca. After 3 years of successfully developing and market-testing stem cell technology products and distribution systems, Aepic Global officially launches its ‘2017-2018: One-Million-StemActive-Bottle-Drop Campaign’ across the nation.
Our Vision is to transform the health and wellness industry with the highest standard products, and create long-term financial rewards for our dedicated Associates.
Our core leadership team, consisting of both Senior Corporate Management staff, as well as Executive Level Field Leaders (Global Marketing Directors and CEO Ambassadors), has years of experience ranging from team building and strategic financial planning to leadership development. This gives Aepic Global a uniquely balanced view of the entire industry and allows us to create goals that are as practical as they are innovative.