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R21 Testimonials

“ Within two weeks, I was at a point that the doctor thought I’d be at in two months.” David

I was riding a mare that was getting overly playful last summer. I had no choice but to jump off her, but in the process, I got dragged a distance—just long enough to take off more than one layer of skin. The doctor treated it with a lot of cleaning and antibiotics. He told me that my summer vacation plans were going to be in jeopardy because there was no way at my age (over 60), I would be healed up enough to go in the water.

It was about then that I found out the true benefit of StemActive™ and the R21 skincare products. I started using the StemActive™ every day and at the same time, gently applying the Advanced Daily Serum to the wound. I figured if it would work on diminishing scars, it might help me with mine!

“In less than two weeks, there is just a trace of the original scar.” Lynn

I took a bad fall in rainy weather and had to get 16 stitches on my arm. Because I had such great results using the R21 Collection products on my face and hands, I decided to apply it to the wound on my arm after the stitches were removed. I also increased the amount of StemActive™ I’m taking, from three to five capsules a day. In less than two weeks, there is just a trace of the original scar.